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Mercury Removal from Flue Gas Streams



Mercury (Hg) is a lethal pollutant, highly toxic to humans, contaminating the aquatic food chain which is a food source for billions.


The global move towards pollution emission control and the international awareness to the problem and risks of Mercury have led environmental protection agencies worldwide to introduce stringent regulations and standards limiting mercury emissions. Emitting industries and processes are therefore required to reduce or even cut-out emission entirely.


The mercury control technologies commonly applied that are based on combinations of activated carbon injection (ACI), filters and chemical additives, suffer from major drawbacks - limited and variable efficiency, intensive CAPEX/OPEX and contaminated by-products that need to be recycled or disposed.


The 80RT-IL Innovative Technology 

A new approach presenting a breakthrough in efficiency and environmental perspectives:

  •  An innovative patented absorption process

  • Based on a unique absorbent liquid implemented in a widely-used pollution control engineering device (Wet Scrubber)

  • Simple regeneration process and mercury separation 

Flue gas stream enters the scrubber in which a unique complex of Ionic liquid and an oxidant agent is circulated. The offered approach and structure enable short contact time between the flue gas and liquid and a very efficient reaction. The mercury is oxidized and binds as a stable complex in the liquid. The system removes all mercury forms, including elemental mercury. The liquid is regenerated through a simple process in which the mercury is separated and stabilized as HgS (which can be collected and safely disposed), while the absorbent liquid is regenerated and reused in the process.

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Removal Efficiency
  • Removes >95% of all mercury emissions
  • Indifferent to levels of Hg in the gas streams 


Environmental Aspects
  • Based on non-toxic, stable chemical absorber
  • No waste stream or waste for disposal (in addition to the separated HgS)
  • Closed & controlled system
  • Removal of additional heavy metals (such as Se)
  • Reduce CAPEX and OPEX compared to existing solutions.
  • No waste stream or waste for disposal.
  • Long products Life cycle (fully regenerated)

A Scalable Solution - applicable to various of industries, plants and processes emitting Hg



Mercu Removal Ltd. was founded in 2015 within Hutchison Kinrot, a leading environmental technology seed investor, owned by Hutchison Water of CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd.

The company holds unique patented gas treatment technology, backed by worldwide experts in applied chemistry



Zach Barnea, PhD.

Founder and CTO

Prof. Yoel Sasson

Founder and CSO

Hagay Keller


Moran Winberger

 Project Manager

  • LinkedIn - Grey Circle

Professor of applied chemistry (HUJI) and world known expert in environmental and process catalysis.

For 12 years held the post of VP of R&D at “ADAMA”

  • LinkedIn - Grey Circle

PhD in green and applied chemistry (HUJI).

Expert in methods for abatement of flue gas pollutants. Holds 6 patents in environmental processes

  • LinkedIn - Grey Circle

20 years of extensive managerial and international business development experience.

Held various managerial positions in leading Israeli tech companies

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Chemical engineer (B.Sc, Technion) with wide experience in the energy and gas industry and In

process design and project management



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