MercuRemoval is now Clairion

April 07, 2019

The former MercuRemoval is being relaunched as Clairion.

The move follows the company’s strategy of expanding its offering towards treating additional emitted air pollutants.

Clairion is progressing according to its plan leveraging its proven novel technology - in addition to the C-HgR™ solution for removal of mercury from flue gas streams, it is now piloting its C-MPR™ solution for Multi Pollutants Removal.

The launching of the rebranding and progressing with the new technology and pilot are additional milestones in the company’s way to position itself as a world leading provider of clean air technology.  

חברת מרקיורימובל תקים פיילוט לטכנולוגיה חדשנית

December 31, 2018

מרקיו רימובל תקדם פיילוט לטכנולוגיה חדשנית בתמיכת ומימון רשות החדשנות והמשרד לאיכות הסביבה ובשיתוף עם חברת החשמל לישראל
במסגרת פרוייקט הפיילוטים (תכנית הדגל של רשות החדשנות לתמיכה בחברות בשלב הצמיחה) ולאחר הליך תחרותי וסינון, זכתה החברה בתמיכה תקציבית משמעותית להקמה של פיילוט ("תכנית הרצה") לטכנולוגיה חדשנית לטיפול במזהמים בגזי פליטה תעשיתיים.
פתרון ה C-MPR™ אותו פיתחה החברה הנו תהליך ייחודי להרחקה יעילה של מספר מזהמים מגזי פליטה תעשייתיים (תחמוצות חנקן, תחמוצות גפרית וכספית) המיושם במתקן ספיגה בודד.
היכולת לבצע בו זמנית ספיגה סימולטאנית והפרדה סלקטיבית של מספר מזהמים, תוך הפיכתם לתוצרים ברי שימוש ובעלי ערך מסחרי - הנה מהפכנית ביחס לאופן שבו מטופלים המזהמים כיום.
מתקן הפיילוט צפוי להיות מיושם בשטח תחנת כוח עד סוף שנת 2019.

MercuRemoval CEO Interview at ILTV

February 26, 2018

Following MercuRemoval’s achievements and recent award as winner of the Cleantech Open Global Ideas Competition (seed track)

Novel process removes mercury from Industrial emissions

February 21, 2018

Unique made-in-Israel technology also renders the separated toxic metal stable and safe for disposal. ISRAEL21c provides a peek at MercuRemoval

Mercuremoval Is The Winner Of The Cleantech Open Global Ideas Competition (Seed Track)

February 01, 2018

Cleantech Open Announces Winners Of The 2017 Global Ideas Competition

חברת מרקיורימובל זכתה במקום הראשון בגמר תחרות סטארט-אפים בתחום הקלינטק

January 06, 2018

חברת הסטארט אפ MercuRemoval מחממת האצ’יסון כנרות זכתה במקום הראשון בגמר תחרות Cleantech Open TLV 2018 ותשתתף בתחרות הבינלאומית שתערך בלוס אנג'לס בין התאריכים 28-30 לינואר.

MercuRemoval has won the first place in the finals of the Cleantech Open 2017 TLV

January 03, 2018

MercuRemoval has won the first place in the finals of the Cleantech Open Ideas 2017 TLV competition and will represent Israel at the global finals (Early Stage Track) in Los Angeles 28-30 January 2018

Mercury pollution watchdog to set up in Geneva

September 30, 2017

Geneva will play host to the body responsible for implementing a global convention to reduce mercury pollution. Some 150 countries voted in favour of the Swiss city at the first conference of the Minamata Convention on Mercury, which was also staged in Geneva.

EU states approve plans for stricter limits on pollutants from power plants

April 27, 2017

EU Member States approved on Friday (April 28th) new limits to the pollutants European large power plants are allowed to emit.

The decision imposes stricter caps on emissions of some toxic pollutants, such as nitrogen oxide  (NOx), sulphur dioxide (SO2), particulate matter (PM)

and for the first time, mercury (Hg) from industrial combustion plants across EU.

Overall, 2,900 EU’s combustion plants will be affected by the new rule, to be met by 2021

Stepping on the Gas: Scrubbing 95% of Mercury Emissions with no Waste

March 07, 2017

Whether we like it or not, the world’s current industrial and energy production infrastructure still depends to a large degree on combustion that emits mercury. Mercury is a lethal pollutant, highly toxic to humans, and as we know from seafood health warnings, continues to contaminate the aquatic food chain...

MercuRemoval interview at i24 news

February 19, 2017

Following its participation at the Impact² World Award for Green and Social Startups - Feb 2017

MercuRemoval's Technology Demonstrates Unparalleled Success in Mercury Removal From Flue Gas Emissions

February 06, 2017

MercuRemoval, developer of gas treatment solutions, today announced successful results of a trial in which its innovative technology demonstrated dramatically high efficiency in removing mercury from flue gas emission, with mercury absorption and removal rate reaching 98%. The trials are conducted in collaboration with Israel Electric Corporation (IEC)......

“Green and groundbreaking - the Israeli Cleantech

January 08, 2017

A glance at four innovative Israeli companies that will participate in the Cleantech Forum San Francisco Jan 2017”

(An article published in Ynet - Israel’s most popular website and online digital news platform)

Mercuremoval will attand the comming 2017 Cleantech Forum in San Francisco

January 08, 2017

Cleantech Forum San Francisco 23-25 January, 2017

MercuRemoval will be attending the Cleantech Forum San Francisco.

The event is an annual gathering of the global cleantech innovation community including entrepreneurs, representatives of leading corporate innovation and venturing programs, financial Investors and innovation Leaders 

טכנולוגיה ישראלית חדשה לצמצום פליטות כספית מצליחה בפיילוט בחברת חשמל

November 26, 2016

חברת החשמל משתתפת בפיתוח טכנולוגיה חדשנית של חברת MercuRemoval, להפחתת פליטות כספית מפליטות לאוויר של תחנות כוח פחמיות.

מערכת infospot

Mega Symposium, Aug 16-19 – Baltimore, MD

August 15, 2016

MercuRemoval will be presenting its technology and pilot results at the

power plant pollutant control and carbon management "MEGA" symposium

GES 2016, June 22nd-24th – Stanford University, Silicon Valley CA

June 22, 2016

MercuRemoval was honored to be chosen and participate in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016 hosted by President Barack Obama.

The GES distinguished event attracted more than 1,000 global delegates with 100 entrepreneurs chosen from about 5,000 applications from more than 150 countries

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